Natural Stone tiles

Natural stone has been used in homes for thousands of years due to its hard wearing properties, and it’s one of the few materials that actually improves with age. We have a wide selection of types, from marble to limestone, travertine, slate, terracotta and more and some even come in sets of different sizes to provide a convenient way of creating a rustic style. The choices don’t end there – you can opt for polished, honed, chipped, tumbled, filled or unfilled options depending on your preferred style. Stone is incredibly versatile, and the range of materials and effects on offer means it looks equally at home in a country cottage or modern urban property. 

Grey friars

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles retain everlasting beauty and have a unique depth; Slate looks great on its own but can also be contrasted with mosaics or tumbled marble to add character. Try using it to update a country cottage kitchen or even a modern living space.

Burnt Slate Sienna


Simple, rustic terracotta is undoubtedly beautiful, its l orange and red hues conjure images of its origins in sun-baked countries like Spain . By its nature terracotta is absorbent, so should be thoroughly sealed and installed in areas that do not regularly get very wet.

Terracotta Hexagon

Travertine Tiles

Travertine is one of the most popular types of stone for walls and floors. Travertine is a natural product where voids or pinholes can appear on the surface of the tile after installation, giving it a rustic, aged charm.

Levatine Ivory


Create your own lasting impression with Limestone which is available in colours from white through to deep black. Sedimentary layers of shells and micro skeletons were deposited into the seabed and then compressed into the hard rock you see today.

St Sernin

Marble Tiles

The veined appearance of marble is exposed when separate pieces are cut, so no two tiles will ever be exactly the same, creating a remarkable visual effect.

Tumbled Marble

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